About Us


Dani Sticka & Family

Founder & Supporters of Imperfectly Tidy

Let's Be Done With Perfection...

My approach is less is more, a clear space over an organized space. I want to help you find the comfort in less. In order to see the change you are after you need to clear away the excess. Imperfectly Tidy was born out of the idea that it doesn't need to be perfect in order to be tidy and beautiful. So many of us fall into the comparison trap and put unrealistic expectations on ourselves. We feel like if we can't do something the way it is shown on Pinterest than why bother at all. I can speak to my own experience of trying to portray this perfect life while coming completely apart on the inside. When I finally let the idea of perfection go I was able to fully embrace an intentional lifestyle and start on a path towards being imperfect, which is a path where I am true to myself. Imperfectly Tidy is going to be here to support and encourage you so we can get your home to reflect what is in your heart.  Once we clear away the clutter we can create a sustainable system for you to keep it going on your own.  

The idea of perfection is a perspective. Create your own perfect.