Minimalism is Hard

5 Truths From My Experience With Minimalism I came across The Minimalist podcast last summer (2017) while on a long drive to visit my mom. I listened to 18 episodes and was inspired. What I had been¬†searching for was given a name, Minimalism. I didn’t hit the ground running when I got home, I was […]

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Why I Clean on Friday Nights

I prioritize my¬†Friday afternoon to be a time for me to get caught up on any housework I wasn’t able to tackle throughout the week. My list generally includes: Vacuum and mop the floors Wash and put away any remaining laundry Wipe down bathrooms, empty those garbage bins A quick 15 minute declutter Clear all […]

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The Recovering “Yes” Addict

This may sound funny or a play on words but I am not joking around. A definition of the word “addict” is a person who is addicted to an activity, habit or substance. I want to share my road to becoming a recovering “Yes” addict and why I think it is important to recognize this […]

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