Closet Coach

The average person wears a small percentage of the clothes in their closet. As your closet coach I am going to help you find your favorite pieces and create a closet that you are not only excited about going into every morning but that you can sustain on your own.

$150 Per Session

Each session is typically 3-5 hours


Clutter Coach

Clutter has become synonymous with the American household. We find ourselves in a constant cycle of purging and reorganizing only to be right back where we started a few months later. As your clutter coach I am going to help you to not only clear the clutter but not bring it back into your life.

$45 Hour



I am available to come to your group and share my ideas and experiences on time management, capsule wardrobe planning and clearing not only physical but emotional clutter. Contact me for my availability and I can customize a talk for your group's specific needs.

Are You Ready?

Don't let your life be controlled by your things for another minute. Contact me today to get your initial consultation scheduled. We'll start with a phone conversation so I can get a plan in place for your individual needs. Then we will get your personalized appointment scheduled and set you on the path towards imperfectly sustainable tidiness.