Why I Clean on Friday Nights

I prioritize my Friday afternoon to be a time for me to get caught up on any housework I wasn’t able to tackle throughout the week. My list generally includes:

  • Vacuum and mop the floors
  • Wash and put away any remaining laundry
  • Wipe down bathrooms, empty those garbage bins
  • A quick 15 minute declutter
  • Clear all surfaces of items that don’t belong (Kitchen table, counters, bedroom furniture, chairs)

I love the feeling of waking up Saturday morning knowing we are caught up on housework. Living in a clean and tidy home brings me a feeling of calm and an ability to be present. Some Fridays my routine is a quick process, other Fridays can take longer depending on the type of week we had. Regardless of the time it takes, I always make sure to head into our weekend with a tidy house so that we can enjoy our time together. It makes my Saturday morning cup of coffee that much better.

“Please Excuse The Mess, We Are Busy Making Memories” 

I see this posted on social media and I use to think to myself I must become this type of person. I must learn to appreciate and love the mess. The problem with this phrase for my life is that I came to the realization that this isn’t the memory I want for my children. I did not want them to have the memory of living in a messy, disorganized home. I want my children to see the value in living in an organized and tidy home where Mom and Dad are calm and cleaning is not something to dread or feel angst over. It is important for me to instill in them the benefits and value of living in a home free of clutter, where we work together to check off the tasks so we can move on to the fun stuff. I talk to the girls about the why and show them how to do certain tasks throughout the house. For some cleaning and organizing is seen as a punishment, something to be dreaded. I look at cleaning and organizing as a gift I am giving myself. Taking a shower in a clean bathroom, putting on clean clothes and cooking in a clean kitchen, these are all gifts I give myself and my family every day.

By taking the time on Friday afternoon to get our house in order we are able to enjoy our weekend to the fullest. My personality type is one that I can’t relax or enjoy myself if I know there is a mess, I would rather take the time to get the task completed before settling in for a movie or jetting off for the day. It also helps me to know that on particularly full weeks I’ll have Friday afternoon to get things in order before we head into our weekend. Having a routine and structure gives me the clarity to get through the times that can get a little hairy. For you, it might not be Friday afternoon, but I urge you to find a day during the week where you devote an amount of time to getting your home in order. Set your personal standard for living and start working towards to it. My standard will be different than yours and yours will be different than your neighbor. We all have different ideas about our quality of life, this is about finding yours and holding yourself accountable for it.

Perfection is a perspective. Create your own perfect.



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